End-User Awareness Training

Employees are both a company’s greatest asset and biggest security risk. Hackers benefit from interconnected networks by targeting low hanging fruit (employees) to gain access to the network and then navigate through the network to the most financially valuable information. As a result, untrained employees create a risk equal to or greater than an unpatched software or tool.

Implement a comprehensive end-user awareness training program to protect against your biggest asset and risk.

Traditional videos, classes and articles don't work for end-user awareness training.

Instead, utilize a comprehensive approach that generates awareness and knowledge through mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training and continuous assessment through prominent attacks.

Many of today’s maturing threats take advantage of human instinct, trust and psychological habits (clicking on malicious links and attachments) to acquire sensitive information.  These well-developed techniques of spoofing allow for hackers to camouflage an attack as real.

Create an end-user awareness training and education program around these common attacks with an interactive approach to further safeguard organizations from breaches.

Common threats to generate awareness and train users on how to avoid include:

Social Engineering


Spear Phishing

CEO Fraud

Deceiving the end user in order to gain control over the computer system.

A method of social engineering in which the hacker attempts to acquire sensitive information (usernames, passwords, and credit card details) by impersonating a trusted source using bulk email.

A targeted email attack on a particular person or organization with the goal to penetrate security defenses.

Cybercriminals spoof company email accounts and impersonate an executive to trick employees into completing unauthorized financial transactions like wire transfers.

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