Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

The endpoint protection market has seen exponential vendor growth and major advancement in prevention and detection techniques. This creates many great options but also a lot of confusion as to the best fit for your organization. Brite has developed an Endpoint Decision Matrix to help cut through the clutter and find the best solutions to fit your organization’s goals and objectives.

The Ever-Growing Importance of Endpoint Protection and Prevention

Our work environment has changed; the threat landscape has expanded and evolved. No longer are endpoint devices protected by perimeter gateways solutions.

As workers become increasingly more mobile and as the corporate environment extends to cafe’s, temporary office spaces, home offices and other unmanaged locations, the endpoint becomes more susceptible to attack. As a result, many approaches and numerous advancements in endpoint protection technology have flooded the market. Not all solutions are created equal. Leverage Brite’s 15+ years of experience in endpoint protection.

Endpoint Prevention

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.
Proactively prevent attacks with today’s most innovative technologies from the industry’s leading vendors.

Endpoint Detection & Response

No prevention solution is 100%. In the event of an incident, it is critical to be able to detect, contain and remediate efficiently. Brite’s EDR partners automate these steps to limit the impact.

Vulnerability Management

It only takes one vulnerable system or application to create an open door for attack. Vulnerability management provides visibility into out-of-date software and the ability to automatically remediate or build a priority for manual updates.

Patching and Device Compliance

While patching can be a tedious task for many organizations, it is an essential preventative task to limit the potential vulnerabilities. Brite’s Managed Service, BriteStar, includes a patching service you can rely on without bogging down your team with tactical tasks.

Brite's Endpoint Decision Matrix

Using 45+ points of criteria, Brite’s engineering team has scored the top 10 endpoint vendors’ solutions. By walking through the same questions with your team, we are able to provide you with a vendor-neutral recommendation.  Brite’s experienced endpoint engineers can then guide you through a Proof of Concept to ensure the solution fits your environment. 

Solutions For

The Brite Advantage

The Brite team is committed to continuously advancing our knowledge and skills to ensure our customers receive the highest quality solutions and services to keep pace with evolving technology demands.

We believe that good enough, is never enough.

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