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Intelligent Vulnerability Management

See everything and accurately predict what matters with the most intelligent risk-based managed vulnerability management system for a wholesome view of your cyber exposure.

What is Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

Go beyond traditional vulnerability management tools that provide security teams with an immense number of “high” or “critical” alerts. Powered by, BriteProtect’s threat and vulnerability management service contextualizes vulnerabilities against business risk. Additionally, environment changes are dynamically assessed to keep pace with an always shifting attack surface. Now, the most critical vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed.

Benefits of Risk Based Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management cannot be ignored, but creates a litany of tasks for security teams. Offload the tactical aspect by utilizing BriteProtect so you can focus on the strategic elements of security.

Take a Deeper Dive on Understanding Risked-Based Vulnerability Management

Devices, tools and users are constantly being added to your network and widening the attack surface.  Every new addition adds another possibility for misconfiguration and vulnerabilities. The longer a vulnerability goes undetected, the greater the risk. Sound familiar? Security teams across industries all live this reality every day. That’s where risk-based vulnerability management can help.

Vulnerability Management Services

Appliance Configuration and Maintenance

Appliances require proper initial configuration as well as continuous care and feeding. Brite uses industry best practices to meet the unique requirements of your business. The system is maintained to ensure the predictive capabilities are optimized based on the organization’s risk profile.

Services Include:

  • Set up and configuration of vulnerability scanner
  • Weekly scans of the target environment
  • Perform Ad-hoc scans on customer’s request

Vulnerability Investigation and Response

Simply identifying vulnerabilities is not where a proper vulnerability management program stops. Utilize Brite’s expert team to investigate finding and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate the vulnerability. Then, when paired with BriteProtect’s additional security services risk mitigation plans can be put into action.

Services Include:

  • Provide reports on scanning results
  • Brite’s expert team provides remediation recommendations and plans
  • Feed BriteProtect XDR platform with scan results to add risk relevance

Start Your Vulnerability Management Journey

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